User Agreement

Last version from May 08, 2020

General terms and definitions

  1. Agreement — this User agreement, which describes the terms of use of the Application.
  2. Policy — this privacy policy, a document that describes the User data used and the purpose of use.
  3. Application or Service — mobile application “StreamObs”
  4. Application Developers — individual entrepreneur, having the property rights on the Application: Sole Proprietorship Denis Petrovich Chepil ( TIN 631202636082, PSRNSP 317470400060386).
  5. User — any person who has installed and opened the Application.
  6. User content — photos, video and screenshots that the User make with application.

Our current version of the Agreement is always available at the link

On all matters related to this Agreement, Policy or Application, please contact us via email

Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy carefully (hereinafter referred to as the Policy). If you do not agree with the paragraphs of these documents, do not use the Service. The agreement applies to all Users without exception.

1. Registration in the App

The application does not require mandatory registration and creation of a personal account.

2. Usage Rules of the Application

By accepting this Agreement, the User agrees to comply with the following terms of use of the Service:

  1. Do not distribute or use content of the Application except as provided by the functionality of the Application.
  2. You can use user content received with application (photos, video, screenshots) for resale or other commercial purposes.

The Application Developers may change the functionality of the Application without prior notice to Users, discontinue support for the Application or disable certain features of the Application, change the cost of the Application.

3. User Content

All User content remains the property of the User, is never transferred to third parties and is not used by the Application Service for other purposes.

The Application Developers do not assume any obligation to store User content.

When creating User content, User ensures that:

  1. Uses photos, videos and screenshots for which he/she possesses the corresponding copyright or license rights, and does not violate copyright of the third parties.
  2. Does not use the Application to create videos that offend human dignity and feelings, contain scenes of violence, scenes of sexual nature or otherwise violate the laws of the Russian Federation.

In case of violation of these conditions, the Application employees will be guided in their actions by the legislation of the Russian Federation and the relevant requirements of the Executive and Judicial authorities.

4. Gift Distribution and Use

As a result of using the Application, the User receives a stream video for use with OBS Studio application by USB connection.

As a result of using the Application, the User receives a stream video for use with OBS Studio application by USB connection. Send your stream video to the streaming video service, such as youtube and other via OBS Studio.

In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the User is granted a exclusive, non-limited, transferable, non-revocable license only for personal and commercial use in accordance with the purpose and functions of the Service. The Service not may terminate this license.

5. Rights and Licenses of the Service

The software, icons, logos, graphics, video, audio, photo and text materials placed in the Application are the property of the Application Author or its licensors and sub-licensors. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the User confirms that will not use, sell, lease, license, modify, copy and perform other actions with the listed content of the Application.

6. Paid services

Creating a User Content provided by the Application is a paid service. If the User chooses a paid Service, he accepts the cost and terms of payment for the service.

7. Security and Personal Data

The Application Developers take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of User content.

However, the Application Developers cannot guarantee that third parties will not be able to carry out intentional unauthorized access and use the information for personal purposes. The User acknowledges that the provision of User content is at his/her own risk.

8. Compensation for damage

The User agrees to indemnify the Author of Application, licensors, directors and other affiliated companies, their employees and contractors against any claims, damages, liabilities, losses, responsibility, costs or debts, expenses arising out of:

  1. Unauthorized use and access to the Application, including any information or materials transmitted or obtained by the User because of such access.
  2. Violations by the User of any provision of this Agreement.
  3. Violation by the User of any rights of third parties, including without limitation the right to privacy or intellectual property rights.
  4. Violation by the User of any applicable law, rule or regulation.

9. Warranties and Limitation of Liability

  1. The Application is provided “as is". The User uses the Application at his/her own risk and discretion.
  2. The Application for creating a User Content is provided without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement.
  3. The Application Developers cannot guarantee compliance with the expectations and requirements of the User.
  4. The Application Developers do not guarantee uninterrupted and error-free operation 24/7, as well as the correction of any defects or errors.
  5. The Application Developers are not responsible for the content of the User content.
  6. The Application Developers are not responsible for the damage caused when receiving and using the Users Content by third parties, for insults, slander and other actions related to the use of the Users Content, as well as for the damage damage from unauthorized access to the data of the Application.

10. Dispute resolution

In case of any disputes or disagreements between the Application Developers and the User related to the provision of the Application, every effort will be made to resolve them through negotiations.

Claims to the Application can be sent via email subject to their validity, i.e. the claim must contain a reference to the paragraph of this Agreement, article of the law or other normative legal act, which, in the opinion of the User, has been violated.

The term of consideration of the claim letter is up to 30 (thirty) working days from the date of receipt by the Application Developers.

If disputes cannot be resolved through negotiations, they are resolved in a court in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.